Tarps & Tie-Downs, Inc. FutureVan™ Sidecurtains are made of the highest quality materials available to the Sidecurtain industry Worldwide.

Sidecurtain Trailer Dealer

Tarps & Tie-Downs, Inc. now offers complete Curtainside trailers under its trailer division “FutureVan™”. If you need a complete new Curtainside trailer we can offer several different brands in various configurations. Steel, Combo or Aluminum platforms and now with our new Aluminum FutureVan™ Upper Structure we can compete with the lightest weigh units on the market. For a quote on your new Curtainside trailers, be it 1 or a 100 or more, give us a call and let us work us a price and weights based on your fleet needs.

Upper Structures Manufacturing

  • We use 3/16” powder coated steel front and rear vertical corner posts as well as powder coated steel header beams and front buckplate.
  • Our standard swing rear doors are 3/4” solid core ply-metal with 5 hinges per door (1 more than the industry standard).
  • Our roof/curtain rail/track assembly is one piece aluminum and has independent extrusions for the Sidecurtains and the rolling roof pillars to run separate without interference of one another.
  • The roof pillars are steel and run smoothly in their own track separate of the Sidecurtains so the driver does not have to worry about lifting them off the trailer. The Pillars are “expandable” meaning you have the option to add side slats to your trailer between pillars. The pillars are also self-latching no pins or clips are required.
  • Roof assemblies are .040 aluminum skin with anti-snag roof bows on 24” centers.
  • Our front bulkhead is a 2-piece 1/2” Duralite composite which creates an exceptionally strong and rigid panel.
  • Our front top corner caps are HD 3/16” thick steel caps and hold their own against tree branches where other forged aluminum caps will crack or shatter.
  • The corner cap is designed to make insertion of the curtain pole into the top keeper very driver friendly by way of a cone-guide so the driver does not have to search and “fit” the top of the front curtain pole into a small receiver.
  • All our clearance lights are LED high output and high visibility in a small efficient package.

Sidecurtain Manufacturing

  • Tarps & Tie-Downs Sidecurtains are made of the highest quality materials available to this industry.
  • 28 oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester material with a UV coating to protect against the Sun’s damaging rays and promote a long life.
  • Our Sidecurtains are designed with a “Back-Welded” grid pattern for superior strength. Other popular brands just have their webbing “floating” in a pocket vertically to support the load.
  • Our Curtains have vertical welded webbing every 24” on center as well as an industry leading 4 horizontal welded webbings to create a “Rip-Stop” incredibly strong “Load-Bearing” Sidecurtain.
  • Our Stainless Steel buckles and bearing style rollers are bolted to the Sidecurtains through a cross-section of 2 thicknesses of our 3K rated (6k+ combined) weldable webbing as well as the already strong 28 oz. Curtain material.


  • We offer a full range of graphics from basic text and logo “Sign Writing” to ornate and extravagant digital printing.
  • Some customers will offer their Sidecurtain space as “rolling billboards” to 3rd party advertisers for additional revenue
  • Graphics advertising on Sidecurtains is one of the most cost effective mediums available. Imagine a 48’ or 53’ billboard rolling down the freeway with your product or message being seen and read by tens of thousands of potential customers every day.
  • Typically for the same cost of a 40’ stationary billboard placed in a rural area for one month, you can purchase full digital graphics for both sides of your trailer, an investment that will benefit you for many years.

Onsite/Offsite Repairs

  • Tarps & Tie-Downs, Inc. has multiple locations throughout the western US to serve you.
  • The FutureVan™ facility is based in Fresno CA centrally located in the middle of the West Coast.
  • Sidecurtains and Upper Structures are manufactured at this location but FutureVan™ Upper Structures can be shipped and installed at several of our other facilities as well as an installation / warranty network of dealerships throughout the US.