Tarps & Tie Downs specializes in custom-made tarps and covers in mesh, vinyl and canvas.
We will manufacture your order to suit your needs and your budget.

Custom Size Made To Your Specs

custom mesh tarps Stockton, CA


custom tarps for sale

Shade Sail

95% Black Shade Mesh

vault cover 18 oz royal blue vinyl

Vault cover

18 oz Royal Blue Vinyl

custom 20 mil clear vinyl tarps

Clear vinyl Tarps

20 Mil Clear Vinyl

custom mesh tarps for sun light protection

Custom Vinyl Tarps


We make your custom orders exactly to your own specifications to suit your needs.

1.Start by filling out and submitting the custom tarps form below.

2. Our customer representative will be in contact with you within 1 business day.

3. For unique designs, we’ll ask you to provide us with specifications, a diagram, and/or measurements.

4. If you’re on a budget, we may suggest alternatives to fit your price range.

In order to serve our customers accurately and to efficiently produce a faster turnaround, we have a $35.00 minimum per custom tarp for all custom tarp order requests.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

All non-special design custom tarps will require up to 2 weeks for manufacturing.

Special design custom tarps lead times will depend on the scope of the project.

*Special design refers to non-rectangular tarps like trapezoid, box, cylinder, triangular, and so on.

All custom tarps and covers are made to finish size and require a tolerance of up to (+/-) 2".

It certainly is possible for tarps to shrink or expand depending on weather conditions and temperature.

All custom tarps will have the edges heat welded or sewn hemmed for reinforcement.

If more reinforcement is needed, please let us know.

Custom-made tarps are not refundable and returnable, but any defective tarps will be repaired or replaced.


In addition to our mesh and vinyl tarps, we also offer custom canvas tarps that provide exceptional durability and strength. Canvas tarps are known for their ruggedness and ability to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions. Our canvas tarps are made from high-quality canvas material that is resistant to tears, abrasions, and punctures, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Canvas tarps are highly versatile and have applications in various industries and settings. They are commonly used on construction sites, as they provide reliable protection against debris, dust, and inclement weather. Canvas tarps are also favored in agriculture for covering hay stacks, equipment, and livestock shelters. With their ability to breathe and allow for airflow, canvas tarps are ideal for applications that require ventilation while still providing protection.

Our custom canvas tarps can be tailored to your specific requirements for size and shape. Whether you need a small canvas tarp for personal use or a large one to protect equipment or machinery, we have you covered. Our skilled craftsmen carefully stitch and reinforce the edges of the canvas tarps to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

When it comes to customizing your canvas tarp, we offer a range of options. You can choose from different weights of canvas material to suit your needs. Lighter weights of canvas are suitable for applications that require flexibility and ease of handling, while heavier weights provide added strength and protection. We also offer a selection of colors to match your preferences or to help with color-coded organization.

At, we understand the importance of providing custom tarps that not only meet your requirements but also offer aesthetic appeal. Our canvas tarps are available in various colors, allowing you to select an option that complements your surroundings or aligns with your brand identity.

When you choose our custom tarps, you can expect not only high-quality craftsmanship but also competitive pricing and fast turnaround times. We strive to deliver exceptional value to our customers, ensuring that you receive a custom tarp that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Investing in a custom tarp from ensures that you get a reliable and durable solution for your covering and protection needs. With our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, we are confident that our custom tarps will deliver the performance you require.


When it comes to tarps and covers, customization is key, and is here to help. By providing custom-made tarps, we ensure that your specific needs are met with precision and excellence. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us create the perfect custom tarps for you.

From our customers


I purchased mesh tarps and the quality of tarps was awesome. Their mesh tarps were perfectly great for shade and high quality breathable material , I definitely recommend this company to others. Thank you so much!!

Los Angeles, CA

Chicken coop! Everything I hoped for

Purchased the 18oz heavy duty vinyl tarp as a cover for my chicken’s outdoor run area. With our hot Houston summers, they needed shade badly. The tarp arrived quickly, and the burgundy color was exactly how it appeared online. We let it rest in the sun a couple days to allow the wrinkles to relax before attaching and it looks incredible! Very happy with my purchase.

Willis, TX

Purchased a custom tarp for my patio and it fits perfectly!
It took about 4 days to deliver and I could not be happier.
Thank you so much.

Los Angeles, CA

My city is one of the hottest cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, for years I have been wasting money on tarps that don’t hold up to the sun and wind for more that a few months, so pleased I found this company! I ordered my two custom vinyl tarps on a Monday morning, they were ready the next Thursday….enough said, great tarps, great company thanks

Brentwood, CA

I don’t often do this but I wanted to write you to tell you how pleased I am with the tarp I ordered. It was EXACTLY what I wanted. The quality is fantastic and it’s immediately apparent how thick and durable it is.
When I spoke with you about what I was looking for I wasn’t sure I was very clear. But you did an AMAZING job. I can’t thank you enough.Please forward this message to others in your company responsible for customer service. They need to know what an amazing job everyone at Tarps & Tie Downs did for me. I’ll absolutely call again if I have a need and recommend you to anyone I run into.